The best activity

There are several occassions why beerbike can be the greatest choice. The company i work for organized a team building day, and my boss’s idea was to go around the city by beerbike. It was the most awesome programme of the day, we had a really good 2 hours. The beer was always cold during the tour, and we have seen Budapest’s sights like never before. beerbike activity in Budapest was an excellent choice. Even some of our shy workers joined us and they were drinking a lot. We had a beatiful local guide with, to entertain us druing the ride. It was totally safe, we had a sober driver with all the knowledge about the sights.
beerbike int he heart of the capital is the most enjoyable must have social programme.
We had an option to bring our music so we were singing and laughing a lot togethet during the trip. It was amazing. My friend Cj drunk a lot, so he had a headache next day, but the memory was unforgetable. Everybody has to go fot the cold beers and the beautiful tourguide. beerbike Budapest

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