Beer Tastings in Budapest

The only beer tour Budapest has to offer, with some of the best microbreweries and small batch, handcrafted beers on tap in some of the quaintest and cosiest bars you will ever see. Our craft beer tour will bring the world of award winning Hungarian craft beer to your table, with a chance to talk to some brewers, proprietors and beer enthusiasts who actually make the much revered drink of the gods.

Come with us for a journey into the lesser known world of craft beers; stop to dine and drink with us in 3 different craft beer establishments, who all brew their own beer. Conversation includes talk of brewing, beer, preparing and making beer, the beer market, and everything else the company is in, as brewers will be joining us at each place to talk beer. You will be given the chance to ask any questions you amy want, and to buy a few casks or flasks of beer to take with you. After a hearty meal and a couple of pints of delicious micro brewed Hungarian beer and ale, we will hit the discos for something a little bit stronger, and a night of dancing and flirting with the locals.

Please note that our craft beer tour is reservation only, so you will have to fill out a registration form. This is to make sure that we can find a table at each place, and to make sure the brewers are well prepared to meet us.

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl Budapest, Budapest,Oktogon 1,1066, +36 70 771 1775

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